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Robert Hughes Photography: A Peak Into His Photography Arsenal

Robert Hughes Photography Camera Equipment in Aberystwyth Wales

I'm lifting the lid on the tools that creates the magic in my photography. I get a lot of questions regarding what camera equipment I use so I thought I would create a short post doing just that.

As previously mentions in my blog post about Dubai and how I started my business, I came across a Sony store and can honestly say how impressed I was about how user-friendly their camera equipment is.

My main camera body is still the same one I purchased back then; the Sony Alpha 7III.

The versatile camera is fitting for almost any setting especially with it's lightweight camera body. It is a beast when it comes to portraits, weddings and casual filming.

It is also a pretty spectacular landscape camera as it has minimal noise when shooting with less available light during the winter months here in Aberystwyth.

Although user-friendly, a step up to a professional camera came with a steep learning curve, but with patience and a few days practice, I fell in love with it even more.

I have changed a few of my lenses that I originally bought in my first year to which I now use;

16-35mm f/2.8 (Wide Angle)

70-180mm f/2.8 (Tele)

50mm f/1.8 (Portrait (As close to what the eye perceives))

85mm f/1.4 (Portrait)

I can't see myself changing to a different make. The e-mount eco-system is quite phenomenal.

Got any more questions for a more in-depth insight on my other pieces of equipment? Drop me a message on my contact page.

Thank you,



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