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From the small snapshot of 'Aberystwyth' to the big city skylines of 'Dubai', marks the inception of Robert Hughes Photography... Abroad.

Robert Hughes Photography posed in Dubai, overlooked by the Burj Khalifa

During the pandemic in July 2021, I made the decision to leave behind my life in Aberystwyth as a Tesco Delivery Driver and embark on a journey that eventually led me to establish my own business, Robert Hughes Photography.

I booked my flight to the UAE before securing accommodation, a decision that felt somewhat surreal as I had never booked a one-way flight before. Yet, there was an overwhelming sense of joy as I anticipated the experience of the unknown.

Upon arrival, I secured a job as a waiter in a busy British bar, a significant step in the right direction, though not exactly what I had envisioned. Despite this, it was a foot in the door, offering a path forward.

After enduring a draining 15-hour shift at the bar, It got me thinking deeply about my aspirations and talents. The answer became clear as it was right in front of me: photography was my calling.

Dubai is renowned for its record-breaking malls, and during my regular visits, I stumbled upon a 'Sony' store. My excitement soared as I was warmly greeted by a salesperson named "Greggy," a name I won't soon forget, as he's likely the first and last person I'll meet with that name.

Greggy guided me through the store, addressing my needs. At the time, my knowledge of lenses and cameras was limited, yet I always aimed to maximise the potential of the equipment I had.

Leaving with a Sony A7III and a kit lens, I invested a significant portion of my travel funds into this gear. It was a risk, but one that ultimately paid off when I landed my first photography job just three days later, capturing events and people at some of Dubai's largest brunches.

Now, almost three years later, fuelled by determination and consistency, I find myself running Robert Hughes Photography in Aberystwyth.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and a special thanks and praise for Greggy for helping me find my first professional camera.



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